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Miami, Florida
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Here is what some of our clients are saying . . .
  • Thanks for being the "Supreme Success Coach". Our work has really made a difference in my life. Dominick Bencivenga, Vice President, Citibank
  • Hiring you was the best decision I ever made! You're a terrific coach, knowledgeable, supportive, prodding and stimulating. You gave me a tremendous edge toward accomplishing my goals.
    Thomas Howard, CEO, Strategic Components
  • The broad and productive changes in both my personal and professional career is a direct result of coaching. I'm amazed at the progress I've made.
    Kenneth Gomez, Attorney
  • A great coach reminds you of what you know, teaches you new skills and encourages you to apply both. I'm proud to have been coached by you. I have truly benefited from our relationship. Thanks for your continued commitment to excellence.
    Peter Clemens, CEO, North Shore P & P
  • After only a few sessions, my business and personal relationships took a dramatic upswing.
    Robert O'Mansky, President, Leon O'Mansky Sales Corp.
  • A true coach! Her strategies and tools will bring you to a higher level so you may effortlessly succeed.
    Al Castaldo, President, Unique Printing
  • I strongly urge anyone who wants to elevate themselves to a higher standard to hire Nancy as a Success Coach. This has been one of the best experiences of my life.
    Jamie Schwartz, President, Elmont Travel Services, Inc.
  • What I liked best is that Nancy really cares and got me to stretch beyond my comfort zone. Nancy is a great Success Coach.
    David P. Wrobel, President, Good Cause Marketing, Inc.
  • The coaching and strategic action plans have been invaluable. Our work will serve as a resource I'll draw on for years.
    John Lownick, Citibank/Citicorp
  • Over the last year I have begun to stray from some of my career goals and I found our work together helped me to regain my direction.
    Michelle R. Cohen, Senior Technical Sales Specialist, Specialty Laboratories, Inc.
  • Nancy is a great coach with infectious enthusiasm.
    Robert LeBeau, Stockbroker
  • There has been nothing as helpful as having a Success Coach. You walk your talk and I've benefited every step of the way.
    Kitty Farr, CEO, Marksman Products
  • Nancy has made me identify my goals and focus on what I really want out of life.
    Steven Haskell, President, S.T.H. Construct
  • I recommend this to anyone who wants to grow in their career, relationships, spirituality or just understand oneself better.
    John DuBon, President, DuBon Studios

What was the most important thing you learned from your coach?
  • "I have no limits. What stopped me in the past was my limiting beliefs. My beliefs were spilling into my business. Now I take full responsibility for creating an empowering belief system that moves me forward." Mike Schneider, President Ki Sales
  • "I have become more positive about everything. My positive attitude is not based on hype, it is based on a stillness from within."
    Gordon Bahary, President Electric Kingdom
  • "How to run my life versus how to run my business. My marriage shifted with one phone call to my coach. My marriage was recreated and saved. I have the clarity to design my life and make it effortless."
    Tom Aagaard, owner Wendy's
  • "How to create and maintain a structured system to obtain goals and measure the soft things that may slip by. Making my health a priority by bumping my self care up to first class!
    Mike D'Agostino, President Horizon Foods
  • "I never fear the unknown. I never worry any more because I know there is always a solution."
    Fred Greases, President East Coast Paper
  • "I have all the answers I just need someone to give me the confidence that my answer is the right solution."
    Dr. Seth Lederman

  Testimonial from Dom Sutera, Great American Seminars
  May 14, 1998

To Whom It may Concern,

I take most of the blessings in my life for granted. I'd like to break my pattern and acknowledge one of them.

A bit less than three years ago, at a point in my life where I finally decided/admitted that even if I read every self-help book in the world, I could make a lot more changes in my life by enlisting the help of other(s). I "Chanced" upon one Nancy M. Powers at a business function. I made the bold (and atypical) decision to make an appointment with this "Success Coach" to see what she might be able to do for me.

I must tell you that I have been in the sales world for 25 years, and I was expecting Nancy to "sell" me on hiring her as my coach. And I had decided (I don't think she knows this.) that the minute she used even the softest selling technique on me I would not become her client. So anyway, we sat down for an hour and she filled me in what a coach is and does. When I left, she gave me some literature that would fill in any blanks that I might have (and I did). She told me that she would not call me, but if I had questions I could feel free to call her.

When she hadn't called me for a month, I decided that she was not trying to sell me, and so logically?) decided to become one of her clients. At that time, I was 40 and looking forward to my mid-life crisis. I was in a job that hadn't rung my chimes in a long time. But making money that was "impossible" to walk away from. Because of my burnout, I was unable to really fly with my job and I knew that I needed to make some changes, if I was going to enjoy the next 60 years. (Know anyone in your life like that?)

Nancy helped me in a million ways that I never would have found on my own. She reflected my strengths back to me - a real rarity in this world - and helped me realize and appreciate the natural gifts that 'I've been blessed with. She helped me look at the world with more faith and less of a "show -me first" attitude. I always felt and feel that she thought of me first, without calculating what was in in for her. She gave me business ideas, marketing ideas, networking and support group ideas . . . And she never ran dry.

To cut to the chase, I'm writing this letter on my first piece of letterhead for my new company. I am embarking on a trip into a field that I have ALWAYS wanted to be in, but considered to be an unreachable dream. (although I'd led hundreds of seminars in my career, I did not think of myself as a speaker). Just the thought of being self-employed never came close to entering my mind before I met Nancy. Now, I'm probably one of the slowest boats in the water to change course and you might think that 2 1/2 years is a long time to make a decision. But let me tell you, if I hadn't had my coach and friend Nancy, I'd be in t he same predicament on my 50th Birthday.

So bottom line, if you are reading this letter because you are considering hiring Nancy as a coach, then do it. The biggest regrets in life are the things we won't do, and I wouldn't want you to regret missing the opportunity to work with this wonderful fountain of information, enthusiasm, energy and life.

As sincerely as I get,
Dom Sutera

PS: In case you are a skeptic like me, this is a totally unsolicited letter.

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